The Modern Pentathlon Poster Quiz!

Get to know more about the sport of modern pentathlon and then try your luck with our quiz questions. 

Created for the youngest members of the audience at the 2015 Modern Pentathlon European Championships, hosted by the University of Bath, our poster quiz has been designed to introduce you to the rich and varied heritage of the sport while gently engaging your brain cells.

Learn about the history of the modern pentathlon, a multi-discipline, Olympic sport, by exploring these posters based on the contents of the Modern Pentathlon Collection held at the University of Bath Library. Find out about the origins and development of each of the five events, the role played by the military, international competitions, tactics used to cheat, and the outstanding achievements of super-pentathlete Jim Fox. You'll also meet zombies and a very splendid purple tie. Then test your knowledge by answering our quiz questions.

Let us know how you get on!