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Photographic print showing members of the All England Women's Hockey Association (AEWHA) Selection Committee, (left to right) Miss Coleridge Smith (West), Miss C. J. Gaskell (Midlands), Miss Mack (North), Miss De Steiger (South) and Miss Cox (East).

Hockey D_1_1 117 Front Low Res.jpg
Softback scrapbook entitled ‘Hockey Jottings' containing poems, stories, hockey player profiles, accounts of matches played and water colour illustrations relating to King’s College Ladies’ Hockey Club.

Illustrated advertisement for BP Ethyl.

Illustrated advertisement for out-door clothing for women.

Poster advertising the 15th Annual Display of the Budokwai, Stadium Club, High Holburn, London.

Bowen E_393 Low Res.jpg
Poster advertising the 16th Annual Display of the Budokwai, Stadium Club, High Holburn, London, UK, 2 December 1933.

Bowen Programme no ref 1a Low Res.jpg
Invitation and programme, 3rd Annual Display of the Budokwai, Royal Horticultural Hall, Westminster, London, UK, 5 May 1920.

bowen-e-301On WhiteOn White.jpg
Programme, 3rd Asian Games, Tokyo, Japan.

Colour poster entitled '457 millions de citoyens ont la même adresse' featuring a photograph of dogs sitting on the doorsteps of a house; each one has a different EU newspaper in its mouth.

Bowen C 101_2891.jpg
Alien registration card issued to G. Koizumi.
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