Views of Bath

Original prints and artworks relating to the city of Bath, 1785-1844.

These prints and artworks are part of the Bristol Region Building Record (BRBR) held by University of Bath Archives and Research Collections.

This small selection of prints offers various views of Bath during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. It includes depictions of some of the city's most famous and iconic buildings and streetscapes at a time when Bath was the height of fashion. Individually each image records detailed visual information about well-known architectural features, some extant and some that no longer survive. Together they provide an artistic overview of how the city appeared and was perceived.

Sources and related material:

At Archives & Research Collections, University of Bath:

  • The 25 digitised images presented here have been selected from original prints and artworks relating to Bath held in the Bristol Region Building Record (BRBR).